Grandpa Cooks Chicken Nuggets for Homeless Kids

January 2nd, 2018

Grandparents are the most comforting people on the planet.

Even when a grandparent isn’t related to you, they still feel like your grandparent because of their warm and caring nature.

One grandpa has taken on an entire community of children and made it his responsibility to feed them. This grandpa considers all of the orphaned children to be his family.

Grandpa Kitchen is making a difference for the orphaned children in his area, one meal at a time.

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Grandpa Kitchen is an educational YouTube channel, where people can learn recipes and help children in need.

We are YouTube channel called Grandpa Kitchen, we are entertain, educate people by cooking food and we donate to charity, Our goal is to provide basic needfull things like cloths, books, school fees, birthday celebrations, including food to Orphan children’s.

In this video, Grandpa gathers up his materials for his outdoor kitchen, where he is able to cook hundreds of chicken nuggets for the children he takes care of.

If you are ever in need of a recipe that will feed many, Grandpa’s videos are the perfect guide to cooking a good meal for many people at once!

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Grandpa’s McDonald’s chicken nugget recipe is simple and easy! Grandpa isn’t shy about using spices in this recipe and when he is done cooking, your mouth is going to water.

After hours of prepping the chicken nuggets, then cooking them, Grandpa shares them with the orphaned children that he cooks for.

The children who enjoy Grandpa’s chicken nuggets when he’s done cooking are so happy! You can see their smiles through every bite.

Grandpa Kitchen shares recipe videos multiple times a week on YouTube and Facebook.

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Since the video was first posted on December 20, 2017, it has gotten over 650,000 views on YouTube and the video has thousands of comments, with people sharing their encouraging words for Grandpa.

One person suggested this recipe isn’t a knockoff at all, but instead something original:

“These are not mc Donald’s these are nuggets from Grandpas heart.”

If you’d like to help fund Grandpa Kitchen, you can become a patron here.

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[Source: Grandpa Kitchen]