Feral pigs found $22K worth of cocaine hidden in an Italian forest – so they ate and destroyed it

November 21st, 2019

A gang of drug dealers probably thought they were being pretty sneaky when they decided to hide a stash of cocaine worth approximately $22,000 in the woods. Their plan backfired, however, when a bunch of wild boars came upon the illegal packages and showed them no mercy!

According to The Local, the pigs ripped into the sealed package of cocaine, sending the drugs spilling out all over the forest floor.

Cops found out about what had happened after wiretapping some of the gang members and listening in on them angrily complaining that their drugs had been destroyed.

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Leigh Klotz/Flickr Source: Leigh Klotz/Flickr

The drugs are said to have come from Perugia, ending up in the Italian region of Tuscany. The gang hid them in a forest near Montepulciano while trying to sell them around the city of Arezzo.

The cocaine had originally been selling well, priced at around $100 per gram. The dealers were selling several kilograms each month and the cops hadn’t really got any solid leads at the time.

However, the drug-linked killing of a 21-year-old Albanian back in 2018 put the police on high alert. They started tracking a local group of Albanian nationals who had connections with the victim.

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Alan Schmierer/Flickr Source: Alan Schmierer/Flickr

They set up a wiretapping operation in order to get hard evidence against the gang, and that’s how they found out about what the feral pigs had done.

The operation ran from September of 2018 through to March of 2019, during which time the police learned that drugs were being brought from Perugia and distributed around various parts of Tuscany, including Arezzo, where the gang members were doing a lot of deals in nightclubs.

The wiretap allowed the cops to make some arrests. Two of the suspects are already behind bars while another two are under house arrest. Three members of the gang are Albanian, while another is Italian.

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Bernard Dupont/Flickr Source: Bernard Dupont/Flickr

As for the boars, nobody really knows what happened to them. The wiretap revealed that they’d done a lot of damage to the gang’s packages, but whether or not they ingested any of the coke or suffered any effects from the drugs remains unknown.

Either way, they’re definitely not popular with the drug dealers, and they don’t have too many fans among the Italian population in general. All over the nation’s rural areas, farmers, motorists, and other citizens are complaining about the boar populations causing all kinds of mayhem.

There were even protests in Rome recently about the boars due to the many road accidents they’ve caused and the extensive damage to farms too.

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Elena Torre/Flickr Source: Elena Torre/Flickr

Statistics show that the number of wild boars in Italy has doubled since 2015, with the pigs being responsible for around 10,000 accidents every year since then.

It’s clear to see that the pigs are a serious menace to many Italian people, but this story shows that they can be helpful too.

By destroying the drugs, these pigs helped to keep cocaine off the local city streets and also helped cops put some bad guys behind bars.

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