Boy Hasn't Seen Navy Dad - Watch The Tearful Moment He Sneaks Up Behind Him At Disneyland

January 23rd, 2019

The children of active servicemen and women have to go through a lot. They regularly spend months apart from a parent. And when you’re a kid, that feels like forever.

Imagine the delight that the kid in this video feels when his father, who often spends five-plus months away with the US Navy, surprises him with his return. But it wasn’t any ordinary reunion…

Every child in the world wants to go to Disneyland. It’s known as the happiest place on earth for a reason.

So imagine the child in this video’s joy when his mom announced that they were driving to Disneyland one day.

Immediately, the kid would have perked up, got excited and ran around the home with joy.

And then, when the kid arrived, it was everything that he expected. The characters, the rides, the candy!

He couldn’t think of any way that the day could get better. But it could…

The boy’s mom said that she wanted to take a picture of him in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

The boy was more than happy to.

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USA Today/YouTube Source: USA Today/YouTube

But the mom wasn’t taking a picture. She was filming a video.

And behind the boy was the person he most wanted to see in the world. His father. The father had returned so soon that he was still in his navy uniform.

The dad walked up behind the boy quietly, not wanting to spoil the surprise.

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USA Today/YouTube Source: USA Today/YouTube

The dad then crouched down and said hi.

The boy recognized the voice but couldn’t quite believe it. He turned around and saw his father for the first time in months.

“Daddy!” he shouted and ran toward his father.

They both hugged each other deeply.

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USA Today/YouTube Source: USA Today/YouTube

At this, a crowd started forming. Dozens of people were witnessing what was probably the most heartwarming thing to ever happen at Disneyland.

A giant “awwww” broke out from the crowd. And then they started applauding.

“Surprise,” said the dad.

“Daddy, I missed you.” replied the kid.

“I’m home,” the dad said.

“I missed you, Daddy,” said the kid again, still processing what was happening. And then it sank in. He was going to spend the day with BOTH of his parents at Disneyland.

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USA Today/YouTube Source: USA Today/YouTube

And then his Dad was going to be back for months. They would be a full family again.

“I can’t believe you’re back!” said the kid.

“I am,” replied the dad.

By now, hundreds of people had gathered round, people were taking photos and posting them online. Everyone was overcome with joy. But no one was more happy than the little boy.

“Now we’re all going to stay and have lots of fun,” said the dad.

Thinking of the fun that they would have later, the kid said, “Now we can wrestle so much!”

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USA Today/YouTube Source: USA Today/YouTube

The dad laughed and answered, “Yes. Now we can wrestle so much.”

The family must have had an incredible time in the theme park.

The dad who organized this surprise just upped the game on reunions for everyone!

Is it possible to make a surprise return as heartwarming as this again? It’s hard to imagine.

This video was picked up by USA Today, but it originally appeared as part of the YouTube channel Military Kind.

The channel is filled with heartwarming content that shows why people should support those who serve in the military.

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