Man attacks a caretaker at elephant sanctuary. Now watch an elephant come to the rescue


It’s no secret that elephants are one of the most caring, intelligent and caring animal species around. The fantastic large animals in captivity also seem to be able to bond with humans exceptionally well, as one video that has surfaced from Thailand has proved.

Source: ViralHog

Meet 17-year-old elephant Thongrsi, residing in Chiang Mai. A caretaker and a friend decided they would set up a little scène to trick Thongrsi into thinking her caretaker was being attacked. Thongrsi’s reaction shows how deeply loyal and passionate Thongrsi feels about her caregivers.

Source: ViralHog

When the caregiver stumbles to the ground, the elephant immediately rushes towards the two men. Thongrsi seemed very worried and after scaring away the supposed perpetrator, the elephant circled around the caregiver to make sure he was doing alright.

Source: ViralHog

This video is perfect proof of how fantastic and caring animals elephants can be.

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