Dog walker spots a dog lifeless in a river – runs into water only to find out her leash is tied to a rock

January 16th, 2020

Nothing breaks your heart like a dog being abused by a cruel owner, but it happens none-the-less. For one pooch, her despicable owners tied her leash to a rock and left her to drown in a river. Luckily, the dog was rescued by good samaritans and the owners were arrested.

This will bring tears to your eyes, how could anyone be this cruel?

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When Jane Harper was on her usual walk along River Trent in Nottinghamshire, England, she saw a terrifying sight

Walking with her own dog, Jane noticed a dog that was floating and lifeless in the river. Horrified by what she saw, the concerned dog owner moved closer to the poor animal.

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When Jane was able to get closer, she saw the dog blink so she jumped into action. Her friend Joanne secured her dogs while she went in after the pooch.

“We thought she might have just got caught in the river but it was only when I tried to take her out I couldn’t move her. The water was so murky you couldn’t see the rock at first. It was horrific.” Jane told the BBC.

That’s when the heroic woman realized this was no accident, someone had tied the poor dogs’ leash to a rock

After realizing the dog was tied to a rock, Jane was able to untie her and bring her out of the water. The poor thing was frozen stiff, she’d only survived by resting her head on a rock to breathe.

More people came to the rescue with towels to dry the cold dog, one man even offered his sweater for more warmth. When she rushed to the veterinarian, they discovered that the dog had a microchip, making the police department’s job easy.

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“She was absolutely frozen, we all thought she would die. It was very emotional. She’s a big, heavy dog. Then another dog walker came and got her on to the grass, and wrapped her in his jumper. Another lady came running out with towels. It was a real community effort” Said Jane

The chip revealed that her name is, Bella, her awful owners were immediately arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty

Two arrests now made following River Trent incident A 31-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man has been arrested on…

Posted by Nottinghamshire Police onTuesday, January 7, 2020

They haven’t released the names of the suspects, but they deserve some serious jail time. This has to be one the coldest things I’ve ever seen a pet owner do, only a horrible person could act so cruel.

Police in Nottinghamshire, England, is appealing for anyone who saw anything to come forward, as animal cruelty cases are very complex to prosecute. The massive rock used to keep Bella down in the water was taken in as evidence.

Posted by Nottinghamshire Police onMonday, January 6, 2020

Police say despite being left for dead in the river, Bella is showing signs of improvement and is expected to survive

Despite being near death, the tough dog is starting to bounce back thanks to the good samaritan’s quick thinking. Bella likely only had minutes left to live, if Jane hadn’t been walking her dog who knows what would have happened.

These people deserve to be recognized in their community, as for the owners, they deserve to be put in jail. Thankfully, Bella is okay and will surely find a better home.

This poor dog barely survived after being tied down in the river by her cruel owners

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