Don’t buy a coffee table. Here are 12 ways to make a one yourself


You need a new coffee table, but you haven’t found one yet that suits your style. Stop scouring the department stores. Don’t bother stopping at yet another tag sale. Your search is finally over because you’re going to make the coffee table of your dreams all by yourself.

The internet is full of amazingly creative and innovative ways to put together a coffee table. And you don’t have to be a carpenter to pull off some of these designs! Here are 12 of our favorite DIY coffee table ideas.

Wine Crate Coffee Table

All you need is some wine crates, a few nails, and a coat or two of shellac to create this classy-looking coffee table. Not only does this give you a coffee table, but it also gives you additional storage. Here are more details on how to make it.

Source: Handimania

Chicken Crate Coffee Table

What used to be an old smelly chicken coop is now a stunning coffee table that you’ll never see in a department store. Learn how Finding Home Farms made the transformation here.

Source: Finding Home Farms

Luggage Table

Take some legs from an old table or stool and nail them to a piece of luggage for a funky looking table with some extra storage. You can modernize your piece by painting the legs and or luggage with a pop of color.


Source: Decoist

Rolling Reclaimed Wood Table

With a few nails and some casters, you can turn some reclaimed wood into a gorgeous table.


Source: Decoist

Window Coffee Table

You can have your coffee table books on display but out of the way with this clever design. You can find the tutorial on Upcycle that here.


Source: Pinterest

Cable Spool Coffee Table

This coffee table doubles as a book shelf and is twice as cute. Learn how to make it here.


Source: Country Living

Herb Garden Coffee Table

Bring some life into your living room with this herb garden coffee table hybrid. A Beautiful Mess has the tutorial here.

Source: A Beautiful Home

Door Coffee Table

If you haven’t noticed yet, you can pretty much make a coffee table out of anything. Doors, like this one, included.


Source: This Sorta Old Life

Tree Slice Table

Bring a piece of nature into your home with a tree slice and some skinny legs or caster wheels. You can find the tutorial here.

Source: Homesthetics

Wire Trash Bin

Get a wire trash bin and flip it over. Boom… coffee table.


Source: Homesthetics

Mirror Table

Mirror tables can get expensive, but not if you make it yourself. Here‘s how.

Source: Homedit

Wooden Pallet Coffee Table


Source: Guide Patterns

There are lots of different ways you can use wooden pallets to create a coffee table. You’ll find 18 ways here.

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