Salesman On Piano Is Joined By Costco Shopper For Impromptu 'Adele' Duet Viewed 4 Million Times

October 12th, 2017

Costco is already a magical place. You can walk in looking for a single item, and walk out with more rolls of toilet paper than you’ll ever really need. Once you walk outside, there’s an amazing food court, just in case you’re not full after all of those free samples.

There are other reasons that Costco is a magical place though, evidenced by the 3:13 video posted by Youtuber hyp3r247. Posted almost two years ago, the video has garnered over 4 million views and over 50 thousand likes on the platform.

In the video, hyp3r247, along with the salesman, plays a stunning rendition of “Someone Like You” by Adele. The duet, though improvised sounds as good as a studio recording. In fact, it sounds so good that passersby turned into onlookers.

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hyp3r247 Source: hyp3r247

Nodding to how spontaneous the duet was, hyp3r247 captioned the video,”

“You just never know what you will encounter in life!” she wrote. “Walked into a Costco, heard the salesman play a beautiful song and I joined in for some fun!! Totally made my day!”

What truly makes this video beautiful is the fact that two complete strangers could meet and come together to produce a piece of art. How does this happen? Through the power of music. Although the two may have been strangers, the common ability to play the piano and improvise over a song has generated a friendship.

The power of music stretches beyond the two pianists thought. By the end of the song, the duo had a crowd of people watching. Most notably, the video features a father and son dancing to the music in the background. All of the people in the crowd, and all watching the video, have all gathered to share a moment with this cover.

Ending their performance, the two celebrate with smiles, laughter, and a double high five. The two may not have realized what they were doing at first, but maybe they do now.

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hyp3r247 Source: hyp3r247

Hyp3r247 is absolutely right when she says, “you just never know”. Although it may have seemed like an ordinary day for her, she walked into the store and became a Youtube sensation. Their piano playing serves as a reminder that art and beauty can exist in the world around us. They exist as long as we keep out eyes open.

Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to see a duo playing a piece at Costco. Until then, I’m happy with the toilet paper.

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Source: Youtube