Clever Ways To Use Command Hooks Around The House
Jenny Brown

Chances are, you have probably used command hooks before. They are an incredibly nifty and useful tool that you can stick anywhere, and you can always remove them easily without damaging the wall or having to bring out the drill.


While most of us use them to hang coats and keys, it turns out they are far more useful than that. At Shareably, we have compiled a list of creative ways to use command hooks that will make your life so much easier.

Prevent Your Trash Bag From Slipping

It’s frustrating when your trash bag slips off the bin. You have to constantly readjust it, but it turns out, there’s an easy solution. Place a command hook on both sides of the bin to keep the bag in place.


Don’t Have A Trash Can?

Stick two command hooks on the inside of a cabinet door. Then you can hang a plastic bag that can store trash. This is perfect for the bathroom or other locations in the house where you need a trash bin but don’t have one.


Organize Kitchen Cupboard

Command hooks are an effective tool to use to organize your kitchen cupboard. Hang a few on the inside of a cabinet door, and then hang up your measuring cups and spoons. Label them for quick access!


Add A Shelf

If you have space on the wall, you can add a shelf using command hooks. Put a metal rack on top of the command hooks, and say hello to much-needed space.

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Keep Colanders In Place

Colanders can take up a lot of cabinet space, so hang them instead.


Bulky Pot Lids

Do you have big, oddly shaped pot lids lying around your kitchen? Command hooks can help you store them easily. Use two command hooks to keep them in place.


Cleaning Products

Store cleaning products under the sink in an orderly fashion by using command hooks.


Toilet Brush Storage

Place a command hook on your toilet, and then hang the toilet brush off of it for easy storage and convenient access.


Hide Wired Hair Tools

Hang up your hair straightener and curler inside the bathroom cabinet. This could also be used for other wired products.


Mount Your Toothbrushes

Using a clear command hook sideways, you can mount your toothbrushes to save space near the sink.


Hang Headphones

Hang your headphones next to the monitor.


Mount Your iPad

Don’t like to hold your iPad. Mount it on the wall while you watch Netflix or other videos. This can also be used as a storage location when you are finished using your iPad.

15-wall-mount Screenshot-270

Hang A Wreath

Flip the command hook upside down to hang up a wreath and keep it in place. Tie the wreath onto a ribbon and hook it onto the other side of the door. This saves you from using nails!

DSC09622 DSC09627

Wall Baskets

Keep your children’s toys and coloring paper organized by hanging up baskets in their room.


Hang Belts

Store your belts on a command hook for easy access. This saves space in your closet.


Store Jewelry

Don’t let jewelry tangled. Instead, hang them from command hooks. You can also use the hooks to organize your jewelry!


Ring Hook

Command hooks are perfect for rings, too.


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By Jenny Brown
Jenny Brown is a senior writer at Shareably. She is based in San Francisco and can be reached at