Carrie Underwood’s mom joins her on stage, brings the house down with epic rapping skills
Nobody in the audience was expecting this!
Khadija Bilal

Carrie Underwood is one of the world’s biggest country stars. She won the fourth season of American Idol back in 2005 and has since gone on to win multiple Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and even a Guinness world record, as well as topping the charts time after time with her incredible albums like ‘Some Hearts’ and ‘Carnival Ride’.

Have you ever wondered where Carrie gets all that talent from?

Of course, a lot of it is through her own hard work, dedication, and incredible natural singing ability, but it turns out that her mom’s genes might have had a little part to play in Carrie’s success too! Some lucky fans of the ‘Something in the Water’ and ‘Jesus, Take the Wheel’ singer recently got to see Carrie’s mother perform live on stage with her daughter, and the results are extraordinary!

During a recent concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Carrie decided to invite her mama out on stage for a very special performance, introducing her as her personal ‘champion’.

The crowd cheers excitedly as Carrie’s mom, Carole, steps out in front of all those people to join her daughter, before bursting into an absolutely epic rap, with Carrie herself offering backing vocals and encouragement.

Carrie and her team had planned the whole thing ahead of time, but the star wasn’t sure how her mom would perform under the bright lights. She joked that her mom’s dancing involved a lot of pointing, comparing her to an air traffic controller.

Before the big show, Carole reveals that she was pretty scared and unsure about how she’d perform, but had been practicing ahead of time and was ready to give it her all.

As Carrie later wrote on Instagram, her mom absolutely nailed it! Her performance was simply incredible, as proven by the rapturous cheers and applause that greeted her when she asked if she did okay at the end. Maybe she’ll ever get her own record contract after that rap!

It’s so inspiring to see this talented and touching mother-daughter duo sharing the stage together and making so many people happy.

Carrie has spoken multiple times about the positive effects that her mom has had on her life, even writing a few songs about her over the years.

It’s fair to say that Carole’s motherly love, guidance, and dedication to her daughter helped Carrie become the amazing, inspiring, and hugely successful star she is today.

Inviting Carole on stage for a magical and memorable performance like this was a great way for Carrie to show her mom how much she loves her. It’s a lovely moment, and one we can all appreciate. The video of the performance has been seen hundreds of thousands of times already, with countless positive comments from fans of Carrie’s from around the world. See it for yourself below.

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By Khadija Bilal
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Khadija Bilal is a contributor at SBLY Media.