Bomb sniffer dog gets sweet retirement gift

February 19th, 2021

Bomb-sniffing dogs truly are lifesavers. They are incredibly smart and hard-working and have saved the lives of so many people over the years. They have gone through years of training and practice and are experts at detecting drugs, bombs, and even blood! Without them, many of our “safe spaces” wouldn’t be safe any longer.

We see these dogs all the time at the airport. Having that little bit of safety knowing a dog has checked things over is a peace of mind AND a physical benefit to having them around.

So when it was finally time to say goodbye to a sniffer dog who had served in the TSA for over eight years, handlers made sure that his last day was one he’d remember forever.

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Ttirado is a beautiful black lab that has worked in the TSA for most of his life.

With his years spent helping others, the TSA staff decided to give him an amazing send-off as he gave one final bag a sniff. Filming the entire thing, the moment is absolutely adorable.

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Twitter Source: Twitter

Mark Howell, TSA Regional Spokesperson, shared the video on Twitter and wrote:

“After more than 8 years of service @INDairport, @TSA explosive detection canine TTirado has officially retired.” He added, “TTirado was also one of our longest-serving @TSA canines— having graduated in the third class of screening canines at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX in 2012.”

The video went viral (naturally) and has over a million views and 25k likes. The comments are filled with people congratulating and celebrating a successful career of the Goodest of Boys.

“Who’s a good boy!? TTirado is! Happy Retirement little man,” one user tweeted.

Someone else added:

“Congrats and happy retirement to the goodest of boys.”

Approaching a single bag that the staff put out for him, he starts his age-old ritual of checking it.

Little Ttirado has no idea that he is being celebrated quite yet (balloons don’t mean much to him), so he just checks it as he normally does. Then, something amazing happens – hundreds of tennis balls fall from the ceiling and rain down over Ttirado!

Jumping and leaping around, he is basically in doggy heaven. He is so overwhelmed with happiness he doesn’t even know which ball to pick up first!

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The unique name for the retired senior dog has a special reason behind it.

“If you’re wondering about the strange spelling of Ttirado’s name, the double first letter signifies that the canine was named after a 9/11 victim. In this case, Ttirado was named after Hector Luis Tirado, FDNY Engine 23,” the TSA explained several years ago.

How lovely that this clever dog is continuing Hector’s legacy.

We hope that Ttirado is enjoying his leaving gift, and we wish the sweet pooch all the best with his retirement!

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Source: Mark Howell