9-year-old-breaks out violin at birthday party-has guests dancing with epic “Despacito” cover

November 25th, 2019

If you enjoy the violin then you won’t want to miss what this 9-year-old has to offer

Karolina Protsenko

Karolina Gets The Adults Up On Their Feet

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An Amazing Performer

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Every note she plays she feels and her actions show it.

Not Just For Family

Karolina doesn’t just perform for family.

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She was invited to the Ellen show where she performed Sunflower.

What Makes Karolina Happy?

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According to Karolina she is thankful that she can play her violin and that she can make other people happy when she does so.

Karolina Plays On The Street

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While other kids her age may be out playing games or sports this is not for Karolina. Instead she is out entertaining people on the street with her amazing music.

She Has Girl Power

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She believes this because people listen to her music, give her hugs and say that she inspires them.

She Loves What She Is Doing

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Although Karolina says that she loves what she is doing, it is evidently seen that she has a passion for it every time she picks up her violin.

The Importance of Goals

Not only is she a talented violinist she is very smart. She says the importance of goals is so that when you grow up you can be more than what you were.

Karolina considers her mentor to be Lindsey Sterling. She feels that the biggest thing that she has learned from Lindsey is not to give up.

Who Is Lindsey Sterling?

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Lindsey is a singer, songwriter, and most importantly to Karolina a violinist. Lindsey has become a Youtube sensation just as Karolina is well on her way to being.

Karolina says if something is not going right then you don’t give up you just keep going.

Karolina’s Beginning

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Originally she is from Ukraine and moved to the US with her parents in 2008. Both her parents are into music and Karolina started taking lessons at the age of six. She is a classically trained violinist.

A Huge Fanbase

Karolina is seen on many different platforms and she has a following of several million that comes from over fifty countries

A Musical Genius

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It is said that this young musical genius can learn to play a song in about an hour. She sometimes adds her notes to what she is playing to make it unique.

Praise From The Best

She has developed three covers and is becoming extremely popular among some of the celebrities such as Howie Mandell and her mentor Lindsey Sterling.

Her Music Is For Sale

For those who appreciate a young musician as fine as what Karolina is they no doubt want to hear more of her. She often has her CDs with her when street performing. They can also be bought at various locations online such as Amazon.

When a young musician such as this shows such promise, it is worth the effort to support her and encourage her as she has so much to give.

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