It’s normal nowadays to want to run away from your grey hair. They can be a constant reminder of the unstoppable force of aging and may not always look pleasant to the eye. Three years ago, a female client walked into a salon in California that belonged to colorist Jack Martin. The woman was tired of having to dye her hair constantly from grey to brown every 3-4 weeks.

She asked Jack for some help, and before she knew it, they brainstormed several brilliant ideas as to how to resolve her request. Finally, after much discussion, the pair agreed that it would be best that Jack dye the woman’s hair silver in order to accentuate hair grey hair and have her come into the salon much less.

After Jack used his skills to enhance the lady’s look, the transformation proved a success! The woman was in love with the way her hair looked and Jack even took so much pride that he had to post the image on Instagram. Soon after, the post went viral and many clients were soon requesting for their own silver touch. What Jack did was nothing short of magical. Take a look at how he surprised his clients with embracing their new selves!