When you are a new parent, you want to capture your baby’s every move on camera. That’s why parents are always booking photo shoots for their babies. Most of the time, they end up with great photos; other times, their kiddos don’t want to cooperate.

A lot of children scream during photos or won’t wear their cute hats or the right shoes. However, some take things to the next level. They don’t just make the photo shoot difficult; they make the pictures a little strange, as well.

No parent will tell you that a photo of their child is bad. They don’t care if they catch that kid in mid-sneeze; they love it. Most of the parents in these photos feel the same way. Even when their babies have pooped or puked all over them, they want the photographer to keep snapping photos.

When you see these photos, you will wonder how the family continued on with the shoot. They might also make you wonder where people put these kinds of photos and why they even buy them. Once you are a parent, you will understand.