Top 40 celebrity dads rocking the dad bod

August 9th, 2019

Guess what? According to a survey conducted by Planet Fitness, guess what kind of body women prefer their men to have now?

You guessed right! They want dad bods!

This didn’t happen overnight and the signs have been there the past couple of years. But yes, women now prefer to cuddling with dad bods than chiseled abs. According to the survey, women believe that men who have dad bods are more comfortable and more confident in their own skin.

The dad bod says, “I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time.” It’s not an overweight guy, but it isn’t one with washboard abs, either.

“(It shows) you love life but also have the good sense to not let yourself completely go,” Marie Dugo, a 26-year-old marketing manager from NY told NY Daily News.

Still not sure?

Here are 40 examples of dadbods women all over the world are loving!

1. Nick Jonas

The latest photo of Nick Jonas and his dadbod, hanging out in Miami with his wife, Priyanka, was the tip of the iceberg. When the photos came out, women loved it because it felt down-to-earth, natural, and relatable. He may not be a dad but he is definitely rocking the dad bod and women are envious of his wife, Pri, who gets to enjoy it every day.

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

2. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is one of the original dad bods. And at 61 years old, he is still rocking it! Plus the way he dotes on his kids and watches out for them gives women even more reason to love him.

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Hilaria Baldwin Instagram Source: Hilaria Baldwin Instagram

3. Matt Damon

Before he got married and had a family of his own, Matt Damon was the boy next door that everybody had a crush on. Now, he’s the dad next door more women are pining for. He’s the dad that keeps an active lifestyle but only so he can keep up with his kids’ energy. What woman can’t resist that?

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Celebrity Kid Mix Instagram Source: Celebrity Kid Mix Instagram

4. Jack Black

Unlike other male celebrities who had chiseled abs in the past and sporting dad bods now, Jack Black has always sported a dadbod. Just like Alec Baldwin, he’s one of the original dad bods. And women all over have been loving him because he will make you laugh and smile all the time. Plus, he’s loyal.

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Jack Black Instagram Source: Jack Black Instagram

5. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington, because of his great acting skills and good looks, has always been on a lot of women’s list of Hollywood crushes. And his dad bod has just gotten himself in even more women’s lists!

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Atlanta Black Star Source: Atlanta Black Star

6. Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell is everyone’s favorite funny guy. He will do anything to make you laugh, including stripping to his tighty whiteys and revealing his hair-filled torso. He’s one of the original celebrity dad bods who has no qualms about his body and his perfectly huggable belly.

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@mackhesch li.st Source: @mackhesch li.st

7. Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen proves you don’t have to be a dad to have a dad bod. A few years ago, he had to get in shape for his role in “The Green Hornet” and it was hard. “I did not do any experimental injections! It’s just diet and exercise. It works. Uh, stay fat, people. That’s my motto. It’s no picnic,” Seth told The Richest. And he’s had a lot of fun flaunting his dadbod, too, since he shows it proudly in almost all his movies.

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8. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has always been the mysterious, alluring bachelor who had a good baby when he was younger. But, because his good looks are timeless, when he sported a dad bod, he became even more mysterious and alluring. And the numerous models that surround him every time agree.

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97.3 FM Source: 97.3 FM

9. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa is also known as Khal Drogo, Conan the Barbarian, and, of course, Aquaman. And whether he is sporting those rock-hard abs for his movies or relaxing in between movies with his dad bod, he still makes women go wild. And if that’s not enough, he also uses his fame and his body to fight for the causes he believes in.

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Hollywood Life Source: Hollywood Life

10. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey used to be the Hollywood bachelor with rom-com movies that broke box office records. He was constantly shirtless in his movies, much to the delight of his female fans. Then he got married and became a dad and the body that earned the shirtless scenes was replaced with a dad bod. And you know what happened? Nothing. His female fans loved him even more.

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Heard Zone Source: Heard Zone

11. Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is one of Hollywood’s sought-after leading men. Everybody loved his dance moves on Step Up, his war skills in GI Joe, and his Special Agent skills in White House Down. And when he starred in the Magic Mike movies, women loved his dance skills and more. But he was tired of maintaining the toned bod, which takes at least five days to create and one day to lose, and just relax. He may not be as toned as Magic Mike but his dad bod is still drool-worthy.

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That_Dadbod_Tho Instagram Source: That_Dadbod_Tho Instagram

12. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth may have caught our attention at first because of his good looks and toned abs. But soon enough, we loved him more for his cheekiness and sense of humor. So when he’s not training or getting in shape for a movie, his dad bod takes over. And we don’t mind because he’s won us over with his charm.

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Yahoo Source: Yahoo

13. Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard has definitely bulked up and toned his abs for his past movies. But that’s not why we love him. We love him because of the love he has for his family. And you don’t need toned abs for that.

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Pop Sugar Source: Pop Sugar

14. John Legend

John Legend started his musical career wooing us with his beautiful love songs. He does that until today. But now, we are loving him for his devotion to his family. He shares all the duties with his wife, Chrissy Teigen, and that’s more than enough to woo us constantly.

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John Legend Instagram Source: John Legend Instagram

15. Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe was hot before. And it doesn’t matter if he’s got toned abs or dadbod belly, he’s still as hot as he was twenty years ago. Does he even age?

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

16. Adam Levine

When Adam Levine sang Maroon 5’s hit song, Sugar, he did say yes, please to it, especially from his wife, Behati Prinsloo. Gone is the skinny Adam from before and the new, fuller, dad bod Adam is here. And we are loving it!

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@that_dadbod_tho Instagram Source: @that_dadbod_tho Instagram

17. Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel started in his first movies, showcasing his big muscled biceps, six-pack abs, and a well-definied chest. His Fast and the Furious movies capitalized on his physique to deliver great action. Some media outlets shamed Vin Diesel’s dad bod but he doesn’t care. And his wife and children don’t care either.

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Hollywood Life Source: Hollywood Life

18. Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen is a new dad. Last February 2018, Andy welcomed his baby (which he had through a surrogate) and he is embracing his single dad life with so much excitement. His charming smile and excitement makes his dad bod belly better than any chiseled bod.

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RadarOnline Source: RadarOnline

19. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has come a long way from his personal issues a few years ago. We’re glad he’s much better now and he’s still got a great relationship with his former wife, Jennifer Garner, and their kids.

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US Weekly Source: US Weekly

20. Neil Patrick Harris

Just like other Hollywood celebrities, Neil Patrick Harris needs to make sure he’s got a great-looking body in shirtless scenes. But when he’s not, he feels comfortable letting his dad bod out.

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Daily Mail Source: Daily Mail

21. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay may have a foul mouth and often seen and heard screaming at his chefs, restaurants and amateur chefs on TV regularly but it hasn’t stopped him from amassing a swarm of female fans. Being an accomplish chef and restaurateur, few people expect Gordon to have rock hard abs and would rather opt for a chef with a dad bod. After all, few people trust a skinny chef.

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Daily Mail Source: Daily Mail

22. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Okay, first things first, yes, The Rock doesn’t embody the technical definition of dad bod. But he is a dad, such a wonderful to three beautiful girls, and he does have a body he takes care of, including feeding it the occasional burger and tequila. And The Rock’s also got a certain charm that makes you forget he’s got all these muscles and still want to cuddle with him. Maybe it’s the way he dotes on his daughters or how he gushes about his wife or how he makes us laugh and gush on his videos. Maybe.

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@therock Instagram Source: @therock Instagram

23. Ricky Martin

You know what we love about Ricky Martin? He may have to maintain a great looking body for his image. But he doesn’t let it define him. He’s more concerned with championing his causes and spending time with his husband and their three kids. What’s not to love about that?

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@ricky_martin Instagram Source: @ricky_martin Instagram

24. Justin Baldoni

Justin Baldoni seems like he’s got it all made. He’s got a beautiful wife, two beautiful kids, a great-looking body, and a great acting career. But underneath it all, he had his own internal struggles, especially with his body image. He would have anxiety trying to maintain it and it tore him up inside. And now, he doesn’t want to deal with all that mental anguish anymore. Now, he’s learned to let go and focus on the things that matter to him, his family, his mental health, and his career.

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@justinbaldoni Instagram Source: @justinbaldoni Instagram

25. Mario Lopez

We knew him as Slater, the high school jock who worked hard to make sure his body stayed in shape. In real life, he did the same. Now, Slater is long past behind him and he still works hard to stay in shape, but not to maintain his image, but to keep up with his young kids, aged 9, 6, and 1 month. Plus he can still be found enjoying a glass of tequila or a bottle of beer every now and then.

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@mariolopez Instagram Source: @mariolopez Instagram

26. Jason Segel

There’s a certain charm to Jason Segel. He’s never really sported a chiseled bod. We’ve always seen him with a dad bod and maybe it’s that confidence that endears us to him. Who knows?

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The Telegraph Source: The Telegraph

27. Pierce Brosnan

Whether Pierce Brosnan had a great body or not, it didn’t matter. We loved him for his charm, his smile, and his swagger. And now that he’s sporting a dad bod, well, that just makes us love him even more.

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Radar Online Source: Radar Online

28. Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis is the type of guy that guys with dad bods embody. He is confident in his own skin. That’s how he charmed actress Olivia Wilde to start dating him and eventually marrying him and building a family with him. Can you believe it? Ah, yeah.

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POP Sugar Source: POP Sugar

29. Adam Sandler

Everyone’s favorite funny guy. Adam Sandler has been making us laugh since the 90s. And that’s the reason we continue to love him until today, dad bod or no dad bod.

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Page Six Source: Page Six

30. John Krasinski

John Krasinski solidified every woman’s love for him when played Jim Harper in the The Office US show. And until now, whether he’s playing an action hero, a dad keeping his family safe, or the ultimate best friend, women still love him.

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POP Sugar Source: POP Sugar

31. Simon Cowell

Most people hated Simon Cowell when the US audience became aware of him through the first season of American Idol. They thought he was rude and harsh. And now, that’s exactly what people love about him.

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@Bod_Dad Twitter Source: @Bod_Dad Twitter

32. Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd was the annoying older brother in Clueless. Almost 30 years later, there’s nothing annoying about him now but everything endearing. He may be playing a lot of dad roles now (maybe to justify his dad bod?) but it doesn’t matter. It just makes him even more adorable.

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dlisted Source: dlisted

33. Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm has never used his physique to make the ladies swoon over him. He lets his acting skills speak for himself. And unlike the other celebrities with dad bods, he is never found surrounded with young models and actresses. In fact, he was in a relationship with former girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt for almost twenty years and since they split up in 2017, he hasn’t been seen dating someone else since. And that makes him even more appealing.

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popculture Source: popculture

34. James Corden

Just like Adam Sandler and Jack Black, James Corden is adorable because he makes us laugh every time. And he always uses his dad bod and his “confidence” to make people happy. And you know what? We don’t even notice if he’s got a dad bod or not, we just want him to continue to make us laugh.

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Daily Mail Source: Daily Mail

35. Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin may have played Thanos, the Marvel character who wanted to wipe out half the universe, but, in real life, he’s a fetching man people can easily relate to. Yes, he works out when he needs to but, just like other men with ultimate dad bods, he’s not afraid to just let things go and do whatever he wants.

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Daily Mail Source: Daily Mail

36. Jay-Z

Jay-Z is one of the famous celebrities who remains mysterious and confident all the time. And it’s this same personality that draws people, especially women, to him. But the truth is, he doesn’t really pay much attention to what people say about him. The only thing keeping him focused is his wife and three kids.

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Daily Mail Source: Daily Mail

37. David Harbour

Everybody loved him in Stranger Things as Sheriff Jim Hopper. And fans loved him even more when he adopted Eleven and worried about being the dad she needed. The character worked to his advantage and now people can’t get enough of him. He may have bulked up for Hellboy but people will still remember him as the sheriff with the dad bod.

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Randy Report Source: Randy Report

38. Matt LeBlanc

When Matt starred in Friends in the 90s and early 2000s, we all wanted him to come up to say, “Hey, how you doin’?” Because, let’s face it, it makes us giddy whenever he says it, even if it’s to another woman! And it didn’t matter that he was already rocking the dad bod then, we just want him to come up to us and say these words. And now, long after the show has been over and so many bad rumors circulate around him, we don’t care. He’s still one of the original dad bods who’s here to stay.

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GQ Source: GQ

39. Vince Vaughn

Love him or not, let’s face it. Vince Vaughn has been charming ladies with his dad bod since who knows how long. But he’s since taken a step back from the acting world now and focused on behind the scenes work. More than that, he’s also taken a step back so he can focus on spending more quality time with his wife and two kids.

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