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Imgur/EllisHazzard Source: Imgur/EllisHazzard

Every dog is a lapdog when they’re just a pup. They are cute, cozy, and cuddly and we just can’t get enough of them. When dogs grow, though, some of them keep growing until they turn into doggy giants!

A lot of large dogs tend to mellow out after they grow past a certain height. Although one might think this is because they just level out with age, like humans, it actually has more to do with your behavior. How we raise our furbabies can determine A LOT of how our dog will act after it’s grown, but there seems to be one thing that they never grow out of; you.

No matter how big your dog gets in life, they will always want to show you that same affection they’ve displayed since they were just a pup. Not only that, but they want to receive the same amount of affection, too. So, don’t be surprised if your 100+ pound dog still wants to ball up right on your lap and be babied.

After all, it’s kind of your fault, and it’s hilarious! In fact, it’s so funny that there are thousands of pictures on the internet of oversized dogs that still think (and feel) like they are just a young puppy. Here are 35 of the funniest pictures of huge, crazy canines who are convinced that they’re lap dogs!