She Buys All Her Clothes At A Thrift Shop. When I Saw The Items She Picks, I’m Shocked


Thrift stores are always a hit-or-miss. On one hand, if you are lucky, you can score some incredibly awesome deals. On the other hand, you might not find anything you like, and it will have been a wasted trip.

More often than not though, you will walk away from a thrift store unsatisfied. I have never stepped foot into a thrift store and found something that caught my eye. Most of the items – whether it be furniture, clothing, or shoes – are outdated styles and not fashionable.

But then there are people like Jillian who can seemingly see the beauty that can be. She loves venturing into thrift shops and picking out the ugliest pieces of clothing. Why? Because she has an uncanny ability to turn the ugly into beauty.

She runs a blog named ReFashionista where she documents her findings and transformations. It’s highly impressive!


Jillina takes oversized and antiquated clothing and then “refashions” them into modern outfits that any woman can wear.


She began digging through thrift store clothing racks after realizing that leftover clothing had an impact on the environment. What happens to all that unwanted clothing/outfits?


Jillian decided to reuse them and create something awesome in the process.


Coupling her environmental concerns with her relatively low budget, thrift shopping became the perfect solution. It allowed her to recycle old clothes as well as save money!



After she’s done with each piece, she donates them to a local thrift or charity store that benefits a cause she supports.


Jillian tries to pick out the clothing that no one wants. Then she begins the design process where she cuts, sews, and occasionally dyes clothes to transform them into modern-day fashion.

jillian19_1 jillian19

ReFashionista started back in 2010, and since then, she has transformed over 700 pieces of clothing. At one point, she was “refashioning” clothing every day.

jillian16 jillian20 jillian14


She’s able to make the completely unfashionable, fashionable. Awesome, right?

jillian5 jillian7

Needless to say, all her transformations are incredible. I could never see the beauty in such worn-out and outdated pieces of clothing.


According to Jillian, “Nobody is going to wear these again. There’s no good future for them, unless I intervene.” If that’s the case, then we completely support Jillian in her quest!

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