Frightened puppy won't stop crying after procedure, vet kisses her to calm her down


A little puppy named Meesha was frightened and scared. She had just undergone a procedure, and she was terrified by the weird sensation her body was feeling. The anesthesia slowly began to wear off, and little Meesha started to whimper and cry. Little did she know, she was in very safe hands.

The team at BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore is incredibly caring and loving. The volunteers and veterinarians at the shelter are some of the world’s most talented, and the shelter provides amazing healthcare for all animals that enter its doors. To better help the stray animal population, BARCS spays and neuters the animals that come into its system. Simultaneously, they reach out to the community to help each animal find a forever home.

Little Meesha was one of those animals that went through that very process. While she was in the care of a loving shelter team, she did not realize that. But there was not much for Meesha to worry about. When Surgical Assistant Dennis Moses heard the puppy cry, he immediately picked up Meesha and began to comfort her. Fortunately, a bystander managed to record this amazing moment.

Watch the video below and see Dennis comfort Meesha in the most precious way. The doctors showers Meesha with kisses to help soothe her tension and ease her fears. He rocks her back and forth to calm her down, and it’s adorable.

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