Stray dog spot abandoned baby freezing outside, surrounds baby with her puppies to keep it warm


Dogs are well-known to be man’s best friend – and even though they aren’t always raised in a caring environment, dogs show love and compassion towards people.

Lately, there has been a surge of reported cases of heroic dogs, demonstrating the compassion and loyalty of dogs. Although their loyalty is well-known, it is rare when we get a display of the true depth of a dog’s compassion towards humans.

In Argentina, a stray dog named Way showed the power of maternal instinct and empathy when she came across an abandoned child in an alleyway during a cold winter night. Using her maternal instinct, which is prominent and powerful through all species, she and her litter surrounded the infant to keep the child warm all night.

Carrying Mother
Source: Honest to Paws

In the video, we can see Way receiving plenty of affection and love from the community, but that doesn’t distract her as she still stays focus on her puppies surrounding her.

The next morning, resident Alejandra Griffa heard the child’s cry and discovered the human child protected by Way and covered with a blanket of puppies. The child was immediately carried to the hospital and taken care of.

Rescuers all agreed that Way saved the baby from certain death.

Later, the child’s 33-year-old mother was arrested and taken into police custody. However, I think we can all agree who acted as the real mother that night.

The interview below with Alejandra Griffa is in Spanish, but if you are not fluent, you can still get a glimpse of the hero dog and her adorable puppies.

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[Source: Honest to Paws]

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