Truck driver stops to save a stray dog on highway. Then dog leads him to scared rabbit


Dan O’Grady, an Ohio-based trucker, saved two innocent lives this past January.

As O’Grady was driving through Jacksonville, Florida, he passed a little Jack Russell Terrier on the side of the road. After seeing the abandoned dog he exited the freeway in hopes of seeing him again before anything bad happened.

Luckily, the Jack Russell was still there! When O’Grady approached the dog yapped at him and kept running off every time O’Grady approached him. After the dog led O’Grady into the woods, he kept barking frantically and it was then O’Grady saw a white domestic rabbit huddled under a bush. It was clear that the dog wanted O’Grady to rescue his rabbit pal as well because he willingly followed him right back to his truck.

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O’Grady cleverly named the dog Highway and the rabbit Interstate. After feeding the hungry animals (some sandwich meat for the dog and a salad from a rest stop for the rabbit), he made his way to the nearest animal shelter in Jacksonville, Florida. The shelter could not take in rabbits but the did take in Highway.

Fortunately, O’Grady thought he remembered seeing rabbits at the Humane Society of Summit County in Twinsburg, Ohio so after confirmation that the shelter could take in Interstate, he bought a crate and supplies for a make-shift bunny nest for him and began the long drive north.

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According to the Humane Society of Summit County’s Facebook page, they took custody of Interstate in mid-January and found him to be only about three pounds – bony and malnourished for an adult rabbit.

Although the two friends were separated, there’s more good news: both of them are now adopted! Highway was adopted from the shelter in Georgia. Interstate gained a healthy weight of almost 5lbs, was neutered and became available for adoption shortly after.

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The two animals looked out for each other in their time of need. Although we don’t know what led them to become homeless and neglected, it’s good to know that they formed a close friendship and protected each other. While it would’ve been nice that they lived out the rest of their lives happily with each other, animal lovers can take comfort in the fact that they both found their forever, loving homes.

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