Family sees giant moose wandering around, captures footage of moose shedding its antlers


Back in November 2015, a family was enjoying the winter weather and the snow outside their home in Laramie, Wyoming. They had noticed a beautiful moose wandering around, so they took out their cameras to record the moment. Little did they know, they were in for quite the show.

In the video below, an enormous moose is seen walking around in the snow. Family members can be heard talking about the moose in amazement. As it heads uphill, the moose suddenly pauses for a second. Then, it loses one of its antlers. Yes, you read that correctly. The moose’s left antler drops into the snow.

In the winter time, a moose will generally shed its antlers. It’s a perfectly natural process, and the moose feels no pain when it happens. A moose antler can weight up to 40 pounds!

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[Source: National Geographic]

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