Little girls face off in judo competition, “fight” each other in adorable fashion


Judo is a modern martial art and Olympic sport that was created in Japan. The objective of judo is to throw or takedown an opponent to the ground. The idea is immobilize and pin the opponent.

But what happens when two little girls participate in a judo competition?

In the video below, two little girls fight each other in a judo competition, but rather than come off intense and cutthroat, these two angels win over the crowd’s hearts with their cuteness and antics.

As the two girls move towards each other, they attempt to “grab” the other girl in an attempt to do a takedown. However, it looks more like they are trying to hug each other. When the girls grab each other’s arms, they begin to lead side to side as if they were dancing. Then, it becomes apparent that they are trying to throw the other to ground. After a bit more movement side to side, they eventually fall down, and the judge repositions them for the next round.

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[Source: Afrand K]

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