Expert DIYer uses cornstarch in ways I never thought of. Here are 11 fantastic ideas


Cornstarch is commonly used for baking or cooking, but it has far more uses than just that. In fact, cornstarch can be very helpful around the house.

Refresh Old Books

Freshen up old books by sprinkling cornstarch on top of them. Fan the pages out and wait until the next day to shake out the rest of the cornstarch.

This will eliminate that musty, “old book” smell.


Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is a kind of “play sand” that your children will love. It feels like real, wet sand, and your kids will enjoy playing in it just like real sand.

Learn how to make this for your kids here.


Squeaky Floors?

Do your floors squeak? Eliminate the sound by dusting your floors with cornstarch. Cornstarch will fill the seams of your wood floors and will eliminate the gaps where the flooring can rub together.


Window Shading

If you want to create privacy for a room, but don’t want to block out the natural light, then create a cornstarch shade for your window panes. A tutorial can be found here.



Decorate your walls with a fabric wallpaper. This is awesome if you know a writer or poet. Pin the fabric of your choice to a wall. Then use liquid starch and paint rollers to wet the fabric. It’s as if you are painting it on the wall! This doesn’t damage the wall either.

Find more instructions by clicking here.


Natural Deodorant

Commercial deodorants contain all sorts of potentially harmful chemicals. To avoid this, create your own natural deodorant using cornstarch.

Learn how by clicking here.


Stress Ball

Create a neat stress ball for yourself or a play toy for kids. Blow up a balloon a few times to stretch it out. Then, fill it with corn starch. Now, you can squeeze it to release tension or give it to your kids so they can develop finger strength.


Polymer Clay

Create a DIY clay that you can play around with by combining cornstarch and glue. You can mold this into nice sculptures for the home!

A how-to can be found here.


Dry Shampoo

If you are on a time crunch, then create a dry shampoo for yourself. This will help keep your hair fresh without forcing you to shower really quickly. A dry shampoo will absorb grease and eliminate nasty odors.

Just sprinkle cornstarch onto your scalp and rub it with your fingers. Let it sit for a minute, and then brush it out.


Silver Polisher

If you want to polish and shine your silver, then make a paste out of cornstarch and water.


Homemade Blush/Bronzer

Make your own natural blush and bronzer using cornstarch. This will save you a ton of money! You’ll need cornstarch and pink hibiscus powder. If you want a deeper bronze shade then throw in some cinnamon.

Learn how to do this by clicking here.


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