Boy's depressed when neighbor takes dog away for a year. Now watch the moment they reunite


From the moment they met, eleven-year-old Lennox Goebel and his neighbor’s dog Bogart shared a special bond. Lennox spent as much time as he could at his neighbor’s house, playing with Bogart in her backyard. He told his mom that Bogart was his best friend.

Source: ABC News

Bogart’s owner is a musician, and when she left to tour the United States, she took Bogart from Nashville to California so he could stay with her mom. Lennox was devastated when he heard that his best bud was going away.

“I have known the emotional drama that he had felt while Bogart was away,” Lennox’s mom, Ellen, told ABC News. “The day they were going to fly we went over there super early so he could play with the dog before they got on the plane.”

Source: ABC News

Bogart’s owner wasn’t sure how long she would be away. Lennox was hoping it would just be few months, but it ended up being about a year.

Finally, Bogart’s owner’s tour ended, and she and Bogart came home to Tennessee. She and Ellen decided to surprise Lennox. When Lennox walked into his neighbor’s backyard and saw Bogart, he burst into tears and hugged the dog.

“I had no idea. I just immediately thought, ‘I need to pet him,’” Lennox told ABC News.

Source: ABC News

Lennox couldn’t be happier to have this best friend home again, and Bogart was just as excited to see one of his favorite humans! Now that they’re reunited, these two best friends are going to have tons of fun together.

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