Is your baby crying or fussy? Massage this part of your baby’s foot to calm them instantly


While the miracle of birth and the beauty of having a child is undeniable, being a parent to a newborn baby can mean trying to decipher a mysterious language every time they begin to cry.

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There will never be one way to soothe a crying infant, but there are ways to touch the feet, hands, or ears in a specific way that may help calm down the baby with a method known as reflexology. The idea behind this thinking is that certain ‘reflex points’ on an infant’s hands and feet are matched with particular organs, bones, and body systems.

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Because a child’s foot is still undeveloped, has not fully grown arches, and their skin and bones are softer than their adult counterparts, reflexology is an incredibly effective method for their pains. By applying gentle pressure to different areas of their feet, blockages that may be causing problems can be released to help restore the body.

Below we have listed the most popular forms of reflexology that may help parents in their daily routine with their child. As they begin to grow, they may have little aches and pains that may be soothed with a gentle massage. While it is always crucial to follow pediatrician-recommended treatments and medications, these home remedies may be a great addition to any parents arsenal!

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Ailing Teeth – If your child is struggling with a toothache or is suffering an ear infection pain, giving the tips of their toes a gentle rub may help relieve some pain.

A Cold – If your child is unsettled by a cold, massaging the balls of their feet in a circular motion may give them the relief they need!

Tummy aches – According to reflexology, the arch area of the foot is attached to the abdomen, and can help with any pain related to the child’s tummy. Constipation, bloating, or gas may be relieved with a gentle massage to the arch!

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Growing pains – Pelvic and hip pains can often be a problem during a growth spurt, causing the baby to be uncomfortable and miserable, but a massage on the heel can bring some relief to the growing baby.

Sinus Congestion – When a runny nose or any other sinus problems seem to be a problem for the infant, apply pressure to the center of their toes for some relief.

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It’s always difficult for new parents. An entirely new adjustment to their family life, with a child that can’t communicate their thoughts and feelings quite yet, can cause confusion and frustration. Reflexology may just be one of the many little things a parent can do to help their child calm down, and for parents to get the sleep they are probably craving!

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